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Sinigang Knorr
Huli Ang Asim-Kilig

Knorr Sinigang Mix

Laging hanap ng mga kids ang Asim-Kilig ng Sinigang made with Knorr Sinigang Mix. Sarap at sustansiyang lagi nilang hanap-hanap sila’y siguradong napapa-“Ma! Gusto ko pa!”

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  • Knorr Sinigang na Isda

    Sinigang na Isda is made from specially chosen tamarind that will fit perfectly with what you’re cooking. The tamarind has been carefully plucked from the tree in order to bring about the exceptionally rich flavour and sourness of Sinigang.
    10g £4.40 RRP
  • Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Original

    Ang Knorr Sinigang Mix ay gawa sa tunay sa Sampalok at bagong pitas na kamatis at sibuyas na nagbibigay ng tamang balanse ng asim at sarap. Ang sabaw nito ay bumabalot sa bawat karne at gulay, at nagpapa-kilig ng buong pamilya! Ang Best Ever Knorr Sinigang Mix, ang paboritong Asim-Kilig ng buong pamilya!
    40g £19.50 RRP
  • Knorr Sinigang na may Miso

    Sinigang sa Miso is overflowing with this incredibly unique flavour when one combines the richness of the tamarind and the delicate quality of the miso. It’s all made even better with the addition of tomatoes, onions, and spices for that beautiful color and aroma.
    22g £12.50 RRP
  • Knorr Sinigang na may Gabi

    For that exceptionally delicious, sour, and thick broth, Knorr Sinigang na may Gabi brings to life the flavour combination of tamarind, gabi, tomatoes, onions, and spices - which were all carefully simmered for a long time. It was all mixed together for everyone to enjoy!
    22g £12.50 RRP

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