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Eat for Good

Eat for Good


We are on a mission to make things better for our bodies and our planet by changing the way we eat. Because we know that everything on your plate has an impact on the environment. But just one small change can make a huge difference. Change the world by changing what's on your plate.


Baked Spring Veg Risotto

The problem

It all comes down to what’s on our plates, eating the same things over and over damages the soil and takes up too many natural resources. In fact, half of the world’s most productive soil has disappeared in the last 150 years. And that’s because we repetitively and intensively farm a small number of crops. This has a negative impact on the land which will only get worse unless we start to eat a wider variety of foods. But by making changes to our diet, we can encourage farmers to grow different plants, which will in turn help the soil, and us, to stay healthy.

Three things we can do to make a difference

Luckily there's a tasty soluction to our problem. We just need to eat more of the good stuff! Through our products and recipes we're inspiring people to make three changes that are better for them and the planet.

Baked Spring Veg Risotto

Change what's on your plate with our Future 50 Food Cookbook

We've partnered with the WWF to launch the Future 50 Foods, a selection of vegetables, cereals and grains from around the world which promote sustainability and diversity in our deits. As the world's leading experts in flavour we know how to help you turn them into irresistible plant-based means that are both good for you and the planed in our cookbook.

Download here 


Our commitment to good food

we're dedicated to making amazing food that tastesgreat and make a real difference, that's why we work together with local farmers to help them grow the ingridients in our products sustainably.

We also take great care to preserve the goodness in all the ingridients we use through a process of natural drying, this helps us to keep nutritional content high while still delivering delicious flavour.    

We help communities Eat for Good

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Baked Lentil Spag Bol

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