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Why Knorr?

Knorr is the UK expert in flavour and believes that everyone deserves rich Flavour because a nutritious flavoursome meal, coupled with how it’s prepared and consumed, influences your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. However, many of society’s most vulnerable struggle to even put food on the table.

With food insecurity and poverty in the UK rising at alarming rates, Knorr wants to give more people easier access to nutritious flavoursome meals. That’s why Knorr Flavour For All project started. Flavour that makes a difference.


How can Knorr help?

Knorr will be supporting Food Aid organisations and raising awareness of the great work they do. Using its expertise in food and flavour, in the first year of the project Knorr will be partnering with UK soup kitchens, helping to upskill the volunteers and guests



Monetary support to Food Aid organisations to help build the infrastructure to deliver nutritious flavoursome meals more easily, now and in the future 

UPSKILL VOLUNTEERS Accreditations, cooking lessons and toolkits, helping Soup Kitchens deliver nutritious flavoursome meals more easily


How to cook nutritious flavoursome meals, save money and waste less