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Chicken Gravy Pot

Chicken Gravy Pot

Intense and flavourful
Discover our chicken gravy pot, the simple way to create award winning gravy with a home made taste at any time, without the fuss.
About our Chicken Gravy Pot
A roast dinner wouldn't be the same without homemade gravy. Now you can enjoy rich gravy- all in a fraction of the time. TOP TIP: With quality ingredients, the tasty flavours of Knorr Gravy Pot Chicken is perfect with all your poultry dishes.

Free From

  • Free from artificial colours
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • Free from artificial flavour enhancers
  • No added MSG
1) Add one Knorr Gravy Pot into 280 ml of warm* water. 2) Stir continuously with a whisk and slowly heat up the gravy. 3) Let it boil for 1 minute. Ready to serve! *Tip: Use half and half boiling water from your kettle and cold tap water