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Savoury Gravy
Hearty flavours

Savoury Gravy

A rich and flavoursome gravy mix.
Hearty flavours
Our Knorr Savoury Gravy recipe is as delicious as ever, and it's also gluten free. This versatile product will give you the perfect gravy to accompany your roasted, grilled or fried meat. Our Knorr Chefs believe that great tasting and high quality ingredients come from a conscious use of agricultural resources. Great Taste is in our Nature!

Free From

  • Free from artificial colours
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • No Added MSG
  • Gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians


                                Serving Size 100.0
                                Servings Per Container 11.0
Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion Per 100ml
Calories 35.0 2% 35.0
Fat 1.5 2% 1.5
Total Fat 1.5 2% 1.5
Saturated Fat 0.9 5% 0.9
Salt 1.0 17% 1.0
Total Carbohydrate 4.5 2% 4.5
Sugars 0.8 <1% 0.8
Protein 0.6 1% 0.6

How to use

1. Remove roast from roasting dish. Drain off excess fat. 2. Add 2 heaped dessertspoons (about 25g) of Knorr Savoury Gravy to meat juices, stirring with a wooden spoon. 3. Adjust consistency of gravy by adding boiling water and stirring. 4. Serve & enjoy! Gravy for Grilled and Fried Meat: 1. Add 2 heaped dessertspoons (about 25g) of Knorr Savoury Gravy to 300ml (1/2pint) of boiling water. 2. Whisk thoroughly with a fork. Serve and enjoy!

Frequently asked questions about this product

Please contact our consumer careline for the most up to date information on our products.

Knorr Chicken, Vegetable, Ham and Beef Stock Cubes do not currently contain paprika, cayenne pepper or chilli but please make sure you always check the ingredients list on the pack just in case there are any recipe changes.

Only the vegetable Knorr Stock Pot and Liquid Stock is suitable for vegetarians.

We can claim gluten free status, which complies with FIC Regulations, as it falls under 20ppm gluten.

We are still required to highlight any allergens according to the EU allergen regulation.

If garlic is added to a recipe, this would be declared in the on-pack ingredient list. However, we cannot guarantee the absence of garlic in flavourings in a recipe and garlic would not necessarily need to be declared next to the word “flavourings” in the ingredient list as it is not one of the 14 allergens according to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 828/2014.

Also, other products made in the same line and factory may contain garlic, therefore we will not be able to guarantee its absence due to potential cross contamination.