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Master Meat-free with Knorr and The Organic Cookery School

Master Meat-free with Knorr and The Organic Cookery School


Knorr is on a mission to get the nation to #CheatOnMeat, but meat-free flavours aren’t familiar to a lot of our UK families. 

Introducing Master Meat-free with Knorr, a series of workshops that will help families learn how to cook meat-free meals, showing them that meat-free doesn’t mean compromising on taste.

Partners with a common passion

Partners with A Common Passion

To bring our masterclasses to life we’ve partnered with The Organic Cookery School, a non-profit culinary institution that provides our communities with cooking programmes that help everyone maximise flavour and #CheatOnMeat.

Our meat-free workshops

Our Workshops

Together, Knorr and The Organic Cookery School are helping families learn the right skill set and flavour range so that parents will feel confident enough to make meat-free dinners from scratch. Children will not only love dinner but get their vital portions of veggie each day and together as a nation, we can #CheatOnMeat more often.

Find out more about The Organic Cookery School here.

Meat-free meals for a family occasion

It's a Family Occasion

Our students will learn how to cook with our Knorr Veggie Stocks, so everyone can feel more confident when it comes to veggie dishes. The best part? It’s a family occasion. Whether your home is full of toddlers or teenagers – the whole family is welcome.

Exciting opportunities with Knorr

This is just the beginning

This is just the start for our wonderful partnership. The future holds even more exciting opportunities, because until we’ve helped families focus on their health and the environment, we won’t rest. We’ll work to create tastier, easier meat-free meals for all. With a little help from Knorr, everyone can #CheatOnMeat.