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Ultimate christmas breakfast

Ultimate christmas breakfast

Enjoying a really good, leisurely breakfast

The festive season is all about feeling that little bit special. Enjoying a really good, leisurely breakfast is a brilliant way to start any day in the holidays.

The Classics

Think ahead and stock up with the foods you want to see on the breakfast table. For a classic great British breakfast think: bacon, chipolata sausages (which I’m very fond of – my kids also love them), eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. For a really substantial breakfast, why not make my Bubble and Squeak too? Some people love the smoky taste of kippers, so if you’re one of these make sure to add them to the shopping list.


Get in a choice of breads – white, granary and a traditional fruit loaf – and freeze them, so they’re on hand, ready when you need them for toasting. Stock up with seasonal Christmas treats such as Italian panettone or German stollen and serve them in slices on an attractive platter. They both go really well with a cup of good coffee.


A dish which I find always goes down well for a breakfast treat is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Remember to cook the eggs very gently indeed in melted butter; slow cooking is the secret to good scrambled eggs. A little cream or creme fraiche stirred in gives that extra richness. Serve them straight from the pan onto freshly-made toast, topped with a generous portion of sliced salmon. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Another indulgent option is Eggs Benedict: poached eggs, served on top of toasted muffins, topped with Parma ham and a generous dollop of my decadent Foolproof Hollandaise Sauce on top.

Special touches

Don’t forget those little extra touches that make the breakfast feel really special.

  • A cafetiere of freshly-brewed coffee served with a jug of warm milk beside it.
  • A pot of tea kept warm under a tea cosy.
  • A choice of fruit juices such as orange juice or pink grapefruit or smoothies.
  • A bowl of fresh fruit such as bananas, clementines, satsumas and grapes for grazing on.
  • Condiments – lashings of mustard, tomato ketchup or brown sauce.
  • An array of breakfast conserves in little bowls – tangy marmalade and sweet jams such as strawberry, apricot or raspberry.

I get my kids to help set the breakfast table and tell them to make it look as nice as possible: use a tablecloth, add a vase of flowers, fold napkins, get out your best cutlery; it is Christmas after all!