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Marco’s Cooking Secrets for Meat

Slow-cooking meat

Slow-cooking meat

Shanks to pork belly to shin – how to cook them

Choose the cooking method – fast or slow – depending on which part of the animal the cut of meat comes from. The ‘harder-working’ muscles (e.g. the legs) have more connective tissue that needs to be broken down by slow-cooking methods such as slow-roasting, stewing and braising. Meat with a high fat content calls for the same methods.

Examples you’ll commonly find include lamb shank, pork belly, beef brisket and veal shin.

Generally, cuts from the less hard-working centre of the beast are leaner and naturally tender. They’re sometimes more expensive but are delicious, healthy options for a family meal. These cuts are best suited to quick-cooking methods, e.g. grilling, sautéing and stir-frying. Examples include beef fillet, chicken breast, best end of lamb, and pork loin.