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How to make the best lasagne

Be generous and add layer upon layer of flavour

I have some vivid memories of my mother: her love for life, watching her sweat onions, and her amazing lasagne. Even as a young boy, I knew her recipe was something very special.

Beef it up

Never too dry, always moist, and with plenty of meat, there’s nothing worse than a lasagne that’s shy on bolognese. My mother always cooked her ragù the day before. That way, the flavours in the meat had time to mature and intensify. I recommend you do the same. These are simple, easy steps that really enhance the flavours of your final dish – watch my Bolognese Sauce video for inspiration.

Get saucy

White sauce is as much a part of lasagne as the pasta sheets and the bolognese. For my mother, so was a topping of her pomodoro sauce, drizzled on just before the dish went in the oven. Looks great. Tastes even better. My Tomato Sauce video shows just how a good pomodoro is really done.

Lay it on thick

When it comes to layering the lasagne, look at my video for a quick guide on how much should go on each stage. Rule of thumb: be generous.

Feeling Italian?

You’ve got your white pasta sheets. Your red beef and pomodoro. On the top, add a touch of green pesto. Presto: il tricolore. But I’m about more than good looks – so expect an extra kick of flavour.