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How to Cook Rice

How To Make Risotto

This Italian comfort-dish requires plump rice cooked to creamy perfection. The secret to a great risotto is a great stock and fresh ingredients. These tips will lead you from choosing the right rice to cooking the perfect, flavour-packed risotto.

No dish is more satisfying than a creamy risotto packed with veggies, meat or fish. The perfect risotto can take a little time and effort to prepare, but once you’ve got the method right, you’ll want to make it time and time again.

The best variety of rice for risotto is carnaroli or arborio rice. You can try a different (stronger) variety called vialone nano, if you’re looking for a more intense flavour. No other kinds of rice can produce the perfect creaminess that risotto requires.

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The first step is to sauté the onions in some olive oil then add the rice grains, stir well to coat the grains in the oil and cook until the rice starts to crackle, but be careful not to let the grains burn! If the onions brown, it will ruin the flavour of the risotto. If the rice browns even a little, it will not release the starch, which is needed to bind the rice together.

The rice will get the majority of its flavour from the stock added so be sure to pack a punch. Add a Knorr Chicken Stock Pot to 500 ml of boiling water. Keep the stock warm and slowly add to the rice, a ladleful at a time, stirring really well. Wait until the rice absorbs all the stock before adding some more. Be sure that the stock you’re adding is always hot, otherwise it will cool everything down and ruin your risotto.

The rice needs to be stirred at regular intervals to ensure it doesn’t stick or burn. Stirring helps to release the starch that gives risotto its creamy texture, it’s very important to the process.

Try experimenting with ingredients such as chopped herbs, wild mushrooms or butternut squash and try adding a grated cheese such as Parmesan.