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How to Make Perfect Yorkshire puddings

How to Make Perfect Yorkshire puddings

There’s nothing better than fantastic Yorkshire puddings with a Sunday roast. They’re quick and easy to make and with these few tips you’ll make the perfect Yorkshires every time:-

Follow the recipe

Follow the recipe exactly by measuring out all the ingredients. It’s vital to use plain flour and not self raising. Feel free to season the flour with some freshly ground black pepper if desired and sieve the flour beforehand. Make sure to raise the sieve quite high to allow some air into the mix.

Try our great tasting Yorkshires recipe in this recipe we add a Knorr Beef Stock Pot to the milk, which seasons the puddings and adds great flavour.

Rest the batter

Make sure there are no lumps when mixing, but contrary to popular opinion batters do not need to stand once made. However you can make it way ahead of time, simply cover with cling film and place in the fridge. Bring to room temperature before using.

Make sure the oven is really hot

One of the main secrets to great Yorkshire puddings is to be sure that the oven is really hot, turn it up to 210°C fan and heat the oil or fat that you place into the moulds until hot and smoking. You can use vegetable oil but beef dripping is the best for flavour.

Half fill the moulds

Use a non stick muffin tray and only half fill the moulds with the batter, do this as quickly as possible so that the oil doesn’t cool.

Keep the oven door closed

Place the Yorkshires on the top shelf of the oven and keep the door closed for the full cooking time. If you open the door beforehand the puddings will sink.

Serve Immediately

Yorkshires are always best when served immediately from the oven, so whilst your meat is resting turn up the oven to bake your Yorkshire puddings. Once the puddings are in you can turn your attention to the vegetables and gravy whilst they are baking. 

Freeze any leftovers

Yorkshires can be frozen for up to a month. They can easily be re-heated in a hot oven for a few minutes until crisp.