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How to make healthy chicken soup
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How to make healthy chicken soup

A good chicken soup is uplifting, super-warming and nutritious; perfect if you’re kicking a cold to the curb or trying to get more veggies into your diet. We’ve rounded up our best chicken soup recipes into a handful of easy, nutritious tips.  

Eat The Rainbow

The beauty of homemade chicken soup is you can throw in as many veggies as you like. Up your vegetable intake and keep it colourful; leafy greens, red peppers and courgettes, root veggies... the more variety and colour you add, the more nutrients you’re getting. Try bulking out this Spring vegetable & chicken soup or Chicken & mushroom soup with a rainbow of vegetables. 

Choose Wholegrain

For a heart-warming bowlful, choose Chicken & rice soup or Chicken & pasta soup and make them even more delicious and nutritious by swapping in brown rice or pasta. Complex wholegrain carbohydrates will keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you the energy you need, especially if you’re under the weather. 

Add Flavour, Not Fat

Try browning the chicken in a separate pan to unlock its fantastic flavours, then get rid of the excess fat left in the pan. Once your chicken soup is simmering, skim any excess fat from the surface. Finish off a Lentil & chicken soup with a dollop of low-fat yoghurt or try this Chicken & pasta soup with a swirl of milk for silky creaminess. 

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Choose Lean Meat

Choosing leaner meats, such as chicken or turkey breast, is a great way to get a healthy source of protein without loading up on bad, unsaturated fats. Remove skin wherever possible, shred in the white meat leftovers from a Sunday roast and keep it lean! 

Experiment With Flavour

Season your soup intelligently and experiment with new flavour combinations. A squeeze of lime or lemon juice will zing up Chicken Pho Noodle Soup or try a adding a sprinkling of grated mature cheese on Spring vegetable & chicken soup for delicious umami (the more mature, the more flavour!).

Dried mushrooms, like shiitake or porcini are a great seasoning; re-hydrate in boiling water, strain the liquid into your Asian chicken soup, then chop and add the mushrooms for earthy flavour. Or finish with a scattering of fragrant herbs, such as thyme leaves, fresh coriander or dried oregano. Go for the Knorr reduced-sodium stock cube for flavour without the extra salt.

Up Your Protein

Bulk out your chicken soup with pulses, beans or ancient grains, such as quinoa or wild rice, crack in an egg, scatter over toasted nuts or add tofu. Read more ways  to protein-power your chicken soups here

Take a look at these chicken soup recipes and think about these easy tips as you go.