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Discover how to unlock rich flavours
Tips & Tricks

Discover how to unlock rich flavours

We can taste five basic types of flavour – sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. One of the most moreish is umami, a uniquely savoury taste that is found in certain foods, such as stocks and soups made by slow cooking ingredients to intensify their flavour.

But when you’re balancing the demands of a busy modern lifestyle, sometimes it’s handy to have a shortcut, that will help you cook really tasty meals. Luckily, there is a simple way to meals that are full of rich flavour, without spending hours making your own stocks.

Knorr stocks aren’t only a quick way to boost flavour, they can also add real depth to every day dish. Our Knorr Stock pots use slowly simmered meat juices, and can either be added directly to dishes whilst cooking or diluted with boiling water to form the foundation for risottos to pies, soups and more.

3 easy tips to unlock richer flavours

There are so many ways you can use Knorr stocks to pack everyday dishes with rich, delicious flavour. Here are four simple suggestions to get you started on discovering new flavours:

1. Dissolve a Knorr Beef Stock Pot in boiling water according to the pack or your recipe, and add to stews, casseroles, sauces and gravies for a richer, deeper flavour.  Give this method a try with a Summer Beef Casserole.

2. Knorr Bouillon  comes in a range of rich flavours. Dissolve in water to make a base for soups or use to create stock to cook pasta or rice to add a richer depth of flavour to your dish.

3. Crumble up a Knorr Stock Cube  and mix with a little olive oil to create a paste. Use to coat steak or chicken to add a rich, savoury flavour boost. Perfect for BBQ season!

To ensure that your dishes are full of rich flavour we use top quality ingredients grown for their intense taste and expertly prepare and cook them, so you can add Knorr’s range of stocks to deliver perfectly balanced flavours and great tasting dishes. Give them a try to discover a whole new way to unlock richer flavour every time you cook.