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Knorr believes everyone deserves not just food, but food with real flavour. Because food that taste good makes you feel good as flavour influences our physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. It is a social glue that connects people. And as one of the world’s biggest food brands, we have a responsibility to help bring positive change.  


With the Flavour for All initiative, Knorr is aiming to enrich the lives of thousands of people who are dependent on food aid. To celebrate the work of many volunteers in Europe and the impact they have on other people’s lives Knorr will share its heartland and heritage in culinary expertise to train and upskill the volunteer cooks who deliver the vital dishes served in the centres. The support from Knorr will also include financial funding, the provision of Knorr products, such as stock cubes, and kitchen equipment to help build the infrastructure to deliver flavourful meals more easily now and in the future. 


Phase 1: 

Knorr will lend its chef expertise to support the volunteer cooks in the soup kitchens to enhance their culinary knowledge and skills in order to create more flavourful meals and richer moments. 


By providing five cooking master classes:

1. Introduction, orientation and kitchen basics

2. Wise Up On Waste 

3. Packing nutrition into every meal

4. How Flavour Can Lead to Richer Moments

5. Training the trainer