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Future 50 Campaign - Red Cabbage


Red cabbage is harvested in Europe, China, and the Americas, and thrives in moist, loamy soil with plenty of sunshine. Cabbage leaves change color based on the pH value of the soil they’re grown in, so this variety gets its distinctive red color from soil that’s highly acidic.

Nutritionally, ½ cup of red cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin K and a good source of Vitamin C. With subtle mustard-y or radish-y notes and a sweet finish, this crisp vegetable tastes great with bold flavors like lemongrass, ginger, and tikka masala.  

You can enjoy red cabbage raw, pickled, slow-cooked, stir-fried, fermented, marinated, pureed, and braised. Some of the most delicious ways to incorporate this Future 50 Food into any healthy delish include adding it to salads, slaws, stir-fries, burgers, sandwiches, sauerkraut, and beyond. It actually turns blue when cooked, so add a little vinegar or citrus juice like lemon or lime to help maintain its vibrant red hue.