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skillet recipes

Cook from scratch with Knorr's best skillet recipes 

When you want to get a home-cooked dinner on the table without sacrificing hours of your evening, there’s nothing better than trying out easy skillet recipes that use a combination of fresh ingredients and inspire you to try new flavors. Try cast iron skillet recipes such as this chicken, cheddar, broccoli and rice skillet dish and you’ll save valuable cooking time and space.

No pan has quite as much versatility as the cast iron skillet; this humble kitchen tool makes it very easy to whip up a hearty chicken skillet recipe for supper, such as this buffalo chicken and rice, a savory side dish or even a warm dessert. Cast iron has been used in kitchens for centuries; it retains heat, cooks food evenly, and lasts a lifetime when cared for properly.

Try out our best cast iron skillet recipes on the stovetop over a medium to high heat to sear ingredients or place directly into a heated oven for thicker cuts of meat. Electric skillet recipes can also be an option for those who’d prefer.

Knorr chefs are passionate about providing better food for people who love cooking from scratch; the beauty of skillet recipes such as the skillet chicken and rice is that they are delicious and unique as well as being a more convenient option than a meal kit for home delivery. As well as tasting better than processed food, home cooking can be better for you because you control everything that goes into the pan.

Knorr One Skillet Meals help people to turn organic ancient grains and whole wheat couscous into tasty meals that come out perfect every time. Follow the simple directions; add protein and vegetables to pre-blended grains and spices and you’ll have a wholesome meal in just 30 minutes. Try our selection of one skillet recipes including this shrimp scampi whole wheat couscous or lemon chicken with barley.

Whether you’re dining alone or eating with family and friends, cooking should be a pleasurable experience, especially if you want to unwind after a tough day at work. Learning to make easy skillet recipes will allow your creative side to flourish as you experiment with different textures and presentation methods.

Often the downside to cooking is the mountains of dishes afterwards; luckily cooking in just one skillet will save on clean up time as you only have one pan to clear. You’ll soon have a steaming meal on the table so you can spend quality time eating with your family or savoring peace and quiet on your own, then relax and enjoy the rest of your evening.

For more inspiration, check out our range of Knorr One Skillet Meals.

Share pictures of your latest creations with us! We're always excited to see what you dream up in your kitchens.


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