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gluten free recipes for busy parents

Gluten Free Recipes For Busy Parents

Forget running to the store after a busy day at work. Instead, make the most of your leftovers and learn how make quick, delicious pasta dishes every night of the week. Using gluten-free Knorr Selects Spinach Florentine with Penne Pasta, here’s a guide to help you create quick, one-pot pasta dishes that work for both gluten-avoiders and gluten-lovers alike.

Stock up

Dried pasta is a great staple to keep in the cupboard, but if you suffer from Celiac’s diease or are gluten intolerant, it can be difficult to know what to cook. Knorr Selects Spinach Florentine with Penne Pasta will give you the perfect flavor-packed, gluten-free base for a last-minute meal. Remember, pasta doesn’t need many ingredients to taste great. Even a simple grating of cheese, a twist of black pepper or a handful of yesterday’s cooked chicken will create a satisfying meal. Here are some ideas to help you.

Leftover meat

Roasting a whole chicken or preparing a large cut of meat is a great way to create leftovers for the week ahead. A handful of shredded meat tossed with pasta can create a satisfying meal; try this Garlicky chicken & spinach pasta and swap out the poached chicken with your leftover protein of choice. Simmer the leftover carcass or bones to create a tasty broth, and use it to cook your pasta next time; a great addition of flavor and a tasty way to stretch your ingredients further.

Bulk it out

If you don’t have enough leftover meat, make up the difference with any canned beans you have in the pantry. A can of garbanzo or butter beans will add creaminess and bulk to a midweek meal, like in this Lemon, pine nut & garbanzo bean pasta recipe.

Embrace vegetables

That last handful of spinach, those few cherry tomatoes or that last quarter of a cabbage are wonderful additions to a pasta dish – remember, a little goes a long way! Be mindful of what’s lurking in your refrigerator and to cut down on food waste, throw it into your pan for some extra color.

A little goes a long way

A handful of nuts, that last wilting bunch of herbs, a bit of chili or a grating of cheese can all be used to brighten a pasta dish. Raid your cupboards and refrigerator and use whatever you can find. Use that last lemon to add a burst of citrus flavor to Lemon, pine nut & garbanzo bean pasta or chop a wilting bunch of parsley to stir through a Salmon & broccoli pasta.

Share pictures of your latest creations with us! We're always excited to see what you dream up in your kitchens.


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