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“Poke Bowl” with Kale and Pak Choi

  • people
  • mins


  • 335 g rice
  • 45 g sunflower oil
  • 600 g water
  • 1 cube Knorr Vegetable Bouillon
  • 100 g red quinoa (F50)
  • 1 lime, zest and juice
  • 1 red onion, cleaned and cut into strips
  • 100 g kale (F50), washed, roughly cut
  • 1 pakchoi, roughly cut
  • 150 g mushroom (F50), cut into small pieces
  • 200 g green lentils (F50), cooked
  • (Optional roasted sesame seeds (F50), hemp seeds (F50) and sprouted alfalfa (F50))
  • Step 1
    Heat up the sunflower oil. Sauté the rice. Dissolve Knorr Vegetable bouillon in boiled water and pour into the rice pot. Turn the heat down. Cook for 15-20 min until the rice gets soft. Add quinoa gently until there is no more water.
  • Step 2
    Add some lime juice and zest and season to taste, set aside.
  • Step 3
    Put a large frying pan or wok on medium-high heat, drizzle in some oil, and stir fry the red onion together with the kale, pakchoi and mushroom until cooked.
  • Step 4
    Drain and add the lentils and season to taste, set aside to cool.
  • Step 5
    Arrange a good amount of the rice/quinoa mixture into a bowl.
  • Step 6
    Add the stir-fried vegetables with the maitake and optionally garnish it with the sesame seeds, hemp seeds, and alfalfa sprouts.

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