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knorr oven oregano

Knorr Oven Bags Oregano Mix, 32g (1 Sachet)

New Knorr Oregano Oven Bags. Marinate your favorite meats, vegetables, and meat alternatives in a matter of minutes! Knorr’s Oregano Oven Bags are a tangy combination of naturally dried ingredients, that are packed with flavor and are sustainably sourced.

Everything you need for a flavor-packed marination is included in the pack! Simply add your meat, or plant-based meat alternative, into the oven bag, shake the contents to evenly spread the seasoning, tie the bag with the provided clip, and throw it in the oven until cooked thoroughly. Then enjoy! The best part is that all of the delicate juices and flavors from your meat, vegetables, and seasoning all get trapped in the convenient oven bag,

Experiment with different recipes by seasoning a variety of different meats or meat alternatives, and paring your meals with a tangy salad or flavorful rice dish. Give this roast mushroom recipe a shot! Place 1kg mushroom inside an oven bag. Add Knorr Oregano Seasoning (32g) and close the bag and shake it slightly. Cook for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°C.

At Knorr, our purpose is to reinvent food for humanity by being healthier for both people and the land. Knorr brings the power of flavour to good food to overcome barriers that stop us from eating for good. Knorr champions a wider variety of delicious foods, more plants and a little less meat, and foods that are grown in ways that sustain, restore and regenerate the precious land. The passion for food lies at the heart of Knorr – and it’s the reason why Knorr is one of the world’s largest cooking brands sold in more than 78 countries around the world.

Preparation Method

1. Open Knorr Zaatar & Oregano Mix package at the dotted line and take the oven bag and its clip out.
2. Put 1 kg of chicken drumsticks inside the bag and pour 1 package (32 g) of Knorr Oregano & Basil Chicken Seasoning.
3. Shake the bag slightly to cover the chicken with seasoning and tie the bag with the clip.
4. Roast Zaatar & Oregano for 45-55 minutes in an oven preheated at 180°C. Place the chicken on a serving plate and pour the sauce inside the bag over the chicken and serve hot. Bon Appetite!
5. Heat the oven the highest at 180 degrees.