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  • Sides

    Add amazing flavor to any meal with Knorr® Sides. Discover perfectly seasoned products that will enhance your dishes in just minutes.

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  • Recipe Classics
    Recipe Mixes

    They’re everyone’s favorite classic recipes—from burgers and dips to curry and fondue, our versatile soup mixes will keep your family guessing what's for dinner tonight.

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  • Sauces

    Enjoy rich flavor in minutes with our perfectly balanced sauces. From French classics like Hollandaise and Béarnaise to Italian favorites like Pesto and Alfredo, there’s a Knorr sauce for everyone.

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  • Bouillon

    Great tastes come in small packages. Our delicious bouillons are an easy way to add flavor to any recipe.

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  • Gravies

    Our hearty, easy-to-make gravies come in a variety of delicious flavors that add warmth to any meal.

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  • Homestyle Stock™
    Homestyle Stock™

    Discover a great-tasting stock made with carefully selected ingredients, simmered to perfection.

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  • Latin Flavors
    Latin Flavors

    A quick way to enhance your recipes with the latin flavors of chicken, onion, parsley and spices.

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